Stated Income Refinance Loan Self Employed Loans No Income Verification


We have rolled out new stated income refinance loan programs, no income verification loans for self employed refinance cash out scenarios. Here we look for the following types of borrowers, self-employed individuals, borrowers that have been turned down by a bank for whatever the reason.


We specialize in helping these type of borrowers through using our following processes, stated income, no income verification, and no doc quick funding. We specialize in helping individuals get financing at far more attractive terms than traditional private lending rates, we offer both purchase, rate and term for no income verification   as well as a cash out stated income refinance loan.

Our new interest rates for stated income financing start at 6.5% with new super low down payments of 20% (restrictions apply 700+ FICO needed). Our minimum loan amount is $200k up to $5 Million for no income verification financing. Our down payment is very lenient, we just require 25% down if the seller does a carryback or 35% down with no seller help, rates vary depending on scenario with range of 6.5% to 9.5%. we look for a mid FICO of 640 or higher


We can lend in most areas nationwide, we cannot lend in the states of Michigan and Illinois at this time, but can lend in most other national areas in America.

We offer commercial and residential stated income loans on most property types, including single family houses, investment properties, apartment buildings and business property, we stay away from gas stations, motels owner occupied residential homes, anything else we would be happy to look at.
We can provide stated income financing and refinance for residential condos. If you are looking for stated income condo loans, please contact us today.

Our minimum loan amount is $200k up to $5M, ask about higher loan amounts for swing funding products.


Foreign National Stated Income Loans Refinance Loan

50% down
Need FICO score of 640
Money needs to be in some type of US bank account for at least 90 days.  imoneyloan specializes foreign national EB5 funding.  We can help you purchase real property or refinance cash out.  Call for select qualifications for our many diverse products for foreign investment companies.  We cannot fund a gas station or hotels with stated income at this time, but we can via private lending, call for details.

Our favorite type of property is a residential single family home that is currently leased out, we can also do 2-4 unit property as long as the borrower doesn’t live in any of the units, we can also do condo investment properties and non warrantable condo loans.

We can also lend cash out refinance stated income loans for commercial real estate mixed use buildings, it doesn’t matter the breakdown of the building, it can have 2 residential units and 9 commercial or 1 commercial and 9 residential.



We can lend on a medical marijuana business as long as there are at least two units in the building and the borrower isn’t using the marijuana space as his business. As long as the building isn’t free standing and the borrower isn’t using the Marijuana as his business we can finance, It then would just fall under a normal prescreen process for a self employed stated income loan. There are a lot of these businesses in Colorado, Washington state and California stated income refinance.

As well as stated income refinancing we offer residential and commercial bridge lending and private money financing for real estate investors, attorneys and investor group corporations. If you are looking for the best conventional commercial real estate interest rates we have a low cost ARM loan program starting at 2.75% please contact us for details.

Refinancing with Stated Income



Stated income refinancing allows those investors with better credit an alternative to private funding and has better rates. Refinancing with cash out offers the borrower to invest in new business (positioned as a business loan) buy new investment properties or rehabilitate the existing structure.

Property buildings include

  • Apartments
  • Multifamily
  • Investment homes
  • Rental properties
  • Commercial office or retail buildings
  • Nursing homes or assisted living centers
  • Residential investment houses

When you need financing and your local bank cannot fund we are the California real estate lending company for real estate investors. ASF Capital is the trusted source for low interest rate private interest only real estate loans, bridge financing and stated income self employed refinancing cash out loans.