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We are a direct hard money lenders in Los Angeles providing California stated income loans locally and nationwide. If you need a commercial refinance stated income mortgage loan please submit a basic summary to our contact form on the side of the page. One of our experienced loan officers will talk to you directly about the specific stated income lending process. We offer California stated income loans in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, Sacramento, Fresno, Inland Empire.


Stated Income Loans California




Stated income loans work for real estate investors that are self employed or seek a no-low doc investment residential or commercial loan. Stated income lending works with near-prime, non-prime borrowers seeking terms that are better than hard money lending rates. There are credit restrictions, if your FICO score is above 640 and you have 30% down. We also offer investment property cash out refinance bad credit loans.



Stated Income Loans California Direct Hard Money Lenders


If you have 720 FICO there is a 20% down program.  Stated income properties can vary from class 1 or class 2 properties. Example: stated income financing for apartment loans is a class 1 property, please contact or call for property type details. Stated income loans can apply to foreign nationals seeking no income verification loans or no documentation financing


Residential Jumbo Mortgage and Commercial Stated Income Lenders California


Stated income loans often work best for buy and hold exit strategies as there financing terms can be amortized to 10, 20 and 30 years.  With rates below most bridge loans and hard money loans stated income is a viable financing alternative. We also offer commercial construction loans, condo inventory loans and apartment refinance loans for qualified investors.



Sub prime borrowers and self employed real estate investors can utilize no doc financing to acquire new portfolios of property via this financing mechanism. Refinancing with a stated income loan is probably one of the most popular application of this financing category.


Mortgage refinancing for those who are self employed may turn to this format if you have been refused by the bank (even investors with excellent cash flow!), Stated income loans for investment properties do not require all the paperwork and underwriting that a typical bank loan or private loan needs.


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We provide stated income mortgage loans and commercial cash out refinance options for self employed stated income borrowers. If you qualify for the stated income loan it can be a cost effective alternative financing solution for private money lending.


If you are self employed and qualify as a better credit investor a stated income loan may be a cost effective alternative to short term bridge financing or private money. Please contact us today with a summary of your financing needs concerning residential or commercial stated income loans. We are based in Los Angeles, California and assist home owners, cash home buyers and cash sellers with viable financing solutions for those who are self employed.