Stated Income Loans Self Employed No Doc Lenders for Commercial Investment Real Estate


The stated income loans pre 2015, 2016, 2017 and beyond as a different type of alternative financing arrangement than before. Today’s stated income loans, no doc, no income verification loans are a credit driven program based on investment non owner occupied property.  There are stated income mortgage loans with different options nationwide but that is another financing entity.


Self employed investment property financing has a few caveats in terms of pre-pay penalties and other qualifiers but the interest rates are much cheaper than private realty lending.


Our stated income loans for the self employed, or no income verification no doc financing programs allow for “mattress money” and self employment funds to be used in the transaction. Better or cheaper than private real estate loans in terms of rates starting at 6.49% and low or no points.


There are many scenarios where this may be suitable for business real estate investors over a short-term bridge loan. Whether you need a stated income cash out refinance loan or stated income commercial bridge financing we can help you today.



Stated income loans mandate a fewer number of written documents than other real estate requirements. Stated income commercial loans can beneficial for those who are self-employed who are acquiring or re-financing investment properties. These no doc or self employment financing programs are for investors that are not eligible for a traditional mortgage refinance loan.


These are contrary to banking institutions where underwriters must cause many documents that have rigorous lending guidelines. Commercial stated income financing is usually more dependent on better credit, however, remember 90% of our business facilitates a commercial loan for bad credit.


 Stated Income Financing for Investment & Rental Properties



If you have been refused by a standard loan company or similar lender, you may still be eligible for stated income commercial loan. FICO scores of a medium 600 or more are the requirements for stated income loans. These can be shorter term but are generally for buy and hold situations on apartment buildings, investment residences or commercial properties.

The median credit score allows protection to the financing institution along with the collateral. Commercial properties for this are in 2 classes, class 1 multifamily (5 units or more) class 2 includes office space, retail and some industrial properties. Contact us about the finer detail of this unique financing product with rates from 6.49%.


Stated Income Loans



Stated income loans for commercial and investment real estate allow a quantified source of financing for those who are self-employed. Banks will look at a no income verification or self-employed loans as a credit risk even if the borrower or investor had great credit and superb cash reserves.



Commercial stated income loans can work as a low-cost alternative to higher interest rate commercial bridge financing.  A no doc or low documentation loan can mean less underwriting paperwork as per the loan moniker. If you need an interest only financing solution to higher rate shorter term bridge lending then a stated income loan may be the answer.




In terms of financing timing cash out refinance hard money companies are dedicated to the form of “efficient turn-around” handling. Many small business investors and entrepreneurs may need real estate finance help despite having below stellar credit. We are commercial real estate lenders that match your lending scenario needs with a financial instrument for the best rates. If our bridge loans or commercial hard money financing programs do not fit stated income loans may be a better option.