Residential Hard Money Loans Rehab Investor Loans

Residential hard money is usually supplied for investment property rehab fix and flip financing. Real estate investors need quick capital raised to get a property, rehab it, rinse and repeat. Finding residential hard money rehab loans for bad credit is not an issue with us. We can provide 80% LTV for investors with bad or poor credit all OK.

Residential Hard Money Loans Fix and Flip Home Flipping

Residential hard money loans raise the capital needed for quick closings on off market real estate, bank owned properties, short sale and REO’s. If you are an active home flipping investor you know the competition is brutal and getting the funding edge is key.
Another facet to residential hard money loans is for buy and hold situations.


Bridge Lending with Residential Hard Money Loans

Typically this may be termed as “residential bridge loans” but there may be even a lower interest rate product. A residential stated income loan will be at a better rate than residential hard money lending but there are credit qualifiers. If you need a rehab investor loan with bad credit OK that is no problem. However getting a residential stated income loan will require 650 FICO’s or better.


Residential Hard Money Lenders Bridge Loan Financing

Residential hard money loans for bad credit extend to an investment bridge loan. This venue for residential hard money can be investment property bridge financing, or a stated income refinancing. Getting a residential bridge loan is a fast process as our direct officers will assist in finding you the best lending application available.


Residential Hard Money Loans


Home flipping and fix and flip investing has the highest number of closes compared to any commercial hard money closing ratio. We also understand the needs of borrowers looking for bad credit investor rehab financing. The collateral is the key in any type of private money, interest only real estate loan.


For the application to rehab a residential property utilizing hard money/ bridge lending investors are typically seeking a shorter term loan to rehabilitate the property and exit. Another use may be to get a cash out refinance residential property loan that is a pre-existing real estate acquisition owned free and clear.



Residential hard money loans basically help with the interim finance duties needed to either purchase, rehab ans sell or get a cash take out and refinance. In the home flipping arena time is a critical element to investors who need to compete for a short sales, property auction or bid on a bank owned REO. We know that inventories are shrinking and the competition is high for grabbing potential residential home flipping deals.
Whether you are looking for a residential hard money loan to rehabilitate real estate or to gap fund a bridge loan we can assist you directly. Our experienced loan officers work with many difficult to place refinance and home buying scenarios. Investors who have bad credit will have no problem bad or poor credit is OK for our asset based residential hard money lending programs.
If you need specific commercial rehab refinancing or larger scale condo, luxury real estate and rental properties. We qualify and close larger scale investment property loans that need rehabilitation or cash out refinancing for construction.