Hard Money Loans for Real Estate


Hard money loans investment bridge loans and stated income financing are all semantic derivatives for any “non bankable financing programs” In the last few months banks have been scrambling to furnish abbreviated versions of hard money loans but they are simply too problematic to underwrite. A bridge loan from a bank “ if they even advertise one” in 9 out of 10 cases will not allow a cash out, refi, rehab loan.



Also, the expediency of a bank cannot compete with the private money sector in terms of “fast real estate loans”.
When you are trying to find hard money lenders that will close your specific scenario, be aware of the numerous products that may be cheaper. A stated income loan for investment properties is not “ asset based bad credit” like a hard money loan, but will offer lower interest rates. We facilitate bad credit hard money loans and cash out refinance hard money at 6.99% which is a great starting interest rate.


Hard Money Loans
What types of investors need hard money loans? Residential rehab investors, commercial rehabilitation investors, construction builders, attorneys, investment LLC’s and trust fund investments.


For borrowers that need to find refinancing programs outside of conservative banking guidelines. Hard money loans for apartment buildings and multifamily cash out refinance borrowers. You may own a commercial building and want to renovate or rehab with a take out loan. You might need a hard money loan for rental properties to refinance your existing apartment. In this you can you can use the cash to buy new real estate or for business reasons.


Using your own real estate equity as capital for launching a new start up business can be a great vehicle for diversifying your investment portfolio. When you need quick investment or commercial property refinancing with cash out, hard money loans can be of great benefit. If you are a foreign national investor we offer foreign national investor loans nationwide and in Southern California


Some investment property types available for using hard money loans

  • Apartments
  • Multifamily
  • Hotels
  • Rental properties
  • Investment real estate
  • Residential homes
  • Commercial buildings
  • Warrantable condos
  • Condos
  • Business real estate
  • Income producing real estate
  • Apartment complexes
  • Shopping centers
  • Office buildings
  • Healthcare facilites
  • Nursing homes
  • Medical buildings
  • Fractured condo loans
  • Jumbo mortgage real estate/ luxury homes/properties

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