Commercial Bridge Loan Rates from 6.99%


We offer low interest commercial bridge loan rates from 6.99%. We are nationwide and provide investment property residential  commercial bridge loans for investors. When you are shopping for the best private commercial loan rates ask yourself, how many C-level executive salaries, Tesla’s and Luxury office spaces am I paying for?

We know all the other lenders out there. The Beverly Hills realty crowdfunding company, the $2M and up lenders and so on. We formed imoneyloan on the back of our own experience as bank asset managers, loan officers and investors too. What you need is a legitimate no upfront fee licensed lender that gets you the best interest rates, that’s about it  If you need to glide out to a SBA or FHA commercial loan we can assist with those bridging transitions.


Technology and lower overhead:  We pass these savings on to you the investor…


We have funded and come in with lower interest rates than many of the “largest bridge lending companies” you will find on Bloomberg, Yahoo and Google news, Crowdcrux, Techcrunch and other realty sites, so how do we do it?

We utilize technology to streamline the process of financing investors. Our start up tech process allows us the quick property valuations and software to get the deal accomplished fast with minimal hassles.

Where is your high interest rate bridge loan cash going?

We don’t have a glut of high paid corporate staff that eat into the profits of you paying excessive rates or points. When you see a corporate staff in a luxury highrise remember ” you are paying the lender the extra rates for that excess”?

When we formed imoneyloan as an “environmentally investor friendly company” we wanted to help the investors with a trusted, licensed direct funding company that provided lower private mortgage interest rates in this uncertain economy. At imoneyloan we tighten our belts, not you, our valued clients…



Whether you need capital for construction, development or rehabilitation we work to get you the best interest rates on a mezzanine finance.

Please fill out our easy sign up contact form with a brief scenario of your deal today, why pay more?