A Bridge Loan, Swing Loan, Short Term Interim Financing: thesaurus


A bridge loan a swing loan or short term interim financing are all withing the general searches found for “quick real estate financing” solutions. Many banks like Bank of America offer bridge loans however, the stipulations in the underwriting process of asset based lending criteria from conventional banks fall outside of many of the investors typical needs.

Bad credit bridge loan

Such as bad credit, even if you own a property with a cash valuation well exceeding the LTV of a loan request many time bank bridging loans are denied. Many times when an investor seeks the cash to reinvest on the property functioned as a rehabilitation loan this can also be denied. In the real world there rarely are is a bridge loan that does not have some issues and this is where a bank may fall short.


A bridge loan for home mortgage financing

Getting a bridge loan for home mortgage financing might be another tough issue for a traditional bank to perform these days. If you own a second home or strictly an investment property you might be able to get a bank swing loan. Check with your local banks underwriting guidelines in how they process the cash flow, dept equity and credit restrictions.


Non bank short term bridge loan financing

The bridge loan is used by businesses to solve critical cash flow problems and alleviate short term financial issues. It is a short-term fund obtained from bridge loan companies. As in facilitation of a business loan that is based on the equity of a real property this can be used by retailers, wholesale business, merchants, renters, landlords and new business acquisitions.


The short term interim loan is meant to fund a project pending the conventional term finances that are obtained from traditional commercial lending institutions. It gives the borrower a lifeline until the traditional means of funding such projects are activated. Sometimes, bridge loans are referred to as swing loans. Whether it is called a swing loan or a bridge loan, they perform the same function in real estate finance.
Today many corporate acquisition businesses and commercial real estate projects would not have been possible without such funds from bridge loan companies. Many real estate developers, multifamily and buyers rely on bridge loans to source funds for their projects. Repaying bridge loans for commercial real estate developers is not difficult because funds are always available for them when they sell the properties after completing them.

Sometimes they do not wait for the property to be sold before they raise money to repay the loan. Some real estate developers prefer to pay such loans by borrowing from lending institutions. Interest rates accruing from such loans are high. This is because of the high risks involved in granting it by bridge loan companies. There could be a high rate of default. It is common to see interest charged rise to fifteen percent. When bridge loans are linked to property development, lenders could charge 80 percent of the value of that property.
Estate developers need the loan for groundbreaking of commercial real estate construction. The loan could hardly finish such project, but you can carry on with it until you are able to secure a loan from traditional lending institutions. People in need of an apartment can contact bridge loan companies to secure their apartments.
Bridge financing is very important for real estate developers because it saves such properties from foreclosure. Because of the delay in securing loans from traditional financial institutions, developers rely on bridge loans to accomplish their projects. It is the best means of expediting any type of business. Bridge loan looks like hard money, they are not similar in uses, but they are similar in structure.
When you ask for a bridge loan, you should be expecting to pay more for it as it is very expensive.


It is more expensive than loans obtained from traditional lending institutions. Sometimes builders use a bridge loan to enhance their creditworthiness. When they repay with monies borrowed from banks, it enhances their credit rating. Before you opt for such loan, you should determine the interest charged for it, as the charges could vary depending on the commercial bridge lending company you choose.