Commercial Bridge Loans Lenders

Whether you need rehabilitation funding, construction loans, bad credit commercial real estate financing or cash out refinancing on an exiting property we can help. With our low interest rates for bridge funding starting at 6.99%, we provide the interest only finance programs to help you today.


In getting a commercial bridge loan to work as “business capital” most commercial property types are considered as collateral. Asset based lending from our company does not necessarily look at bad credit as a major hurdle in getting you funded. If the dept service ratio makes sense on a rental property, apartment building or complex we can fund.


We provide commercial bridge loans for real estate development projects and cash out refinancing for existing properties. Getting alternative financing when your bank has let you down means finding a source of funding that will get you in and out of a time crunch.


Commercial Bridge Loans for Real Estate Development


You may be in the position in finding a lucrative investment whereby a commercial bridge loan will ensure you can capitalize on a rental property, commercial business or a short term equity deal. If you are an investor that owns property outright you may be looking at a cash out refinance to invest in a new business. You might need a cash out refi lender to buy real estate. Bu using your existing property as collateral you can get the cash you need to diversify portfolio income and more forward.

We are nationwide based in California and provide a wide range of financing options to investors. Please contact us for further information on rates, LTV and how we can assist you on your next commercial bridge loan.