Non Recourse Bridge Loans for Commercial and Residential Real Estate


We are commercial bridge loans lenders for apartment complexes, shopping centers, residential investments, second homes, rental properties, condos, business properties and commercial buildings. Traditionally commercial bridge loans were to allow investors the time to “cross” one property to the next. In truth the syntax is similar for all “bank turn down financing” our current bridge lending interest rates start at 6.99%.  When you cannot get conventional funding imoneyloan provides the swing loan financing or short-term funding to help your scenario. Call 818 465 LOAN ( 5626) for one of our expert bridge loan officers.


Commercial bridge loan rates from 6.99% for rehabilitation and development


Peer to peer commercial bridge financing allows investors the time they need for interim business cash or for refinancing with cash out. Property rehabilitation is often needed whereby local banks may have issues funding based on the property type loan structure or bad credit. Commercial real estate bridge loans with bad credit are often a request from borrowers who have for whatever reason. poor credit issues. It is not a lending criteria, we look to the equity only in a mezzanine loan.


As a direct bridge lender we offer low-interest rate apartment and commercial bridge loans for qualified investors. Bad credit OK, we are a private equity based lender whereby collateral is the main issue in funding. If you do have better credit (above 650) you may qualify for a longer term, cheaper stated income loan. Please contact us for details.


What is Swing Loan Financing in Real Estate

A swing loan is the term often used when looking for bridge loan companies. Swing financing like bridge lending basically refers to the “gap funding” capabilities of “getting out of one property to move into the new residence”. This is primarily the “classic” version of residential mortgage funding. The business or commercial real estate properties of the swing or bridge loan can mean anything from CRE, CMBS, mezzanine financing, construction loans along development and refinancing of an income property.


We offer not only these quick alternative funding options but blanket loan financing for group residential properties or a collection of commercial assets.  You can find swing, bridge financing and refinancing cash out loans that include longer term or short-term bridge loans based on what makes the most sense. We can glide you out of the investment property swing loan into conventional commercial mortgage rate with adjustable rate mortgages from 2.875% please call for details.


Rehabilitation and construction bridge financing options


We offer construction and rehabilitation bridge loan financing, Residential (investments) and commercial realty funding can be for small rehab projects to larger construction development venture capital deals. The are finite restrictions on banks lending cash for rehab projects due in large part to the market fluctuations and the fact that have laid off so many commercial loan officers.

With the conventional banks ability to only see a property under their strict guidelines, it is often hard for them to “value” a singular investment loan with selective vision. We look at every deal closely, if there is equity in the business investment property we can help you in the funding, call imoneyloan today.


Bridge Loans


Apartment Multifamily Bridge Loans

If you need refinancing or a cash out refi for your investment rental property we can help you today. With creative variables in the realty cash you need. we can process the type of mezzanine financing that is best suited to whatever the deal requires

If you are an investor looking into short-term peer-to-peer lending for residential, rental priorities, apartments and commercial real estate, a bridge loan may suit your financing needs. There are programs to cover conventional commercial real estate lending to “quick term” bridging loans for real estate acquisitions. Types of commercial and investment real estate properties include.



  • Mixed use
  • Special purpose properties
  • Business realty
  • Creative office space
  • Income property
  • Rental Properties
  • Commercial property buildings
  • Office space
  • Gas Stations
  • Multifamily
  • Apartments
  • Churches
  • Commercial real estate
  • Shopping centers
  • Investment properties
  • Shopping centers
  • Assisted senior care homes
  • Nursing Homes