Residential Hard Money Rehab Loans | Fix & Flip Rehab Financing


We offer rehab and construction loans for residential rehab fix and flip investors to commercial rehab construction bridge loans. Construction bridge funding is needed in most cases or in new property acquisitions whereby rehab or rehabilitation financing is required. Contact us for larger apartment, rental property and condo building financing is required. We are commercial direct lenders and offer purchase, cash out refinance bad credit and rehab loans for investors.


Bad Credit Rehabilitation Loans

Getting a commercial or residential rehab loan with bad credit is not really an issue. What are lenders looking for if I have bad credit? A rehab down payment usually starting at around 25% (loans up to 80% LVT are available) bad credit is OK.


Credit Scores Above 650 or better


Real estate investors who need residential hard money lenders for quick transactions. With a quick exit plan (which you need for rehab loans anyway) you can get a short term loan to achieve all renovations. This loan has a higher interest rate than a typical 7.75% starter rate for bridging loans. If your credit score is above 650 a stated income loan is a lower interest rate longer term program. When you are looking at apartment loans and commercial real estate and rental properties to buy and hold this may be the best option.

100% financing

If you own outright an existing investment property you may qualify to get up to 100% financing as a cross collateralizing loan. Please contact us with your property specifics, current ARV and location to find out more. We are direct lenders in Los Angeles California offering investor fix and flip home rehab loans nationwide in America.